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Himalayan sea salt scrub soap


Not only does this soap look really cool, it has some pretty phenomenal characteristics.  Enjoy the benefits of my Signature Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub Bar Soap enhanced with aloe vera, oatmeal base, lemon and ginger-ambre fragrance oil. Made with a high level of pure ground oatmeal, this soap is known to have great moisturizing properties, lathers great and can act as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. Rounded loofah inside with an attached nylon rope, this soap is designed for scrubbing and moisturizing the skin.


Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub Soap

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Jeaneen Zanovello; soap; shower



The very best reason to use handmade soap is the ingredients! Zano's handmade products go beyond cleansing, they are made of aloe vera, coconut oils, and butters that are rich and essential to healthy skin. Always remember that your skin is porous and absorbent. It absorbs whatever it comes in contact with.


Zano soap cleans pores and rejuvenates the skin, leaving your body fresh and clean. Zano Balms helps with dry skin. 

bars of soap
"Invest in your skin. It is going to represent you for a very long time"

- Linden Tyler -


In a world full of chemicals and hidden ingredients, I wanted to get back to simple, natural basics. I wanted an easy natural product and wanted to know what was in the products that I would expose to my skin. I started making soap as a hobby,  it was on my bucket list of things to learn and do! I'd fallen in love with the process and aromas of my new soap. It would always leave my skin clean and smell fresh.


My niece would visit me often with red and scaly skin. She had eczema. I started using coconut oil and peppermint, that I've grown from my garden to clear and sooth her skin. I've turned this into my tasty mint balm.  And so I began, creating different soaps and balm for friends and family and providing essential needs for my customers.


I believe our health and skin is important. Our quality and customers matters!

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